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Atelier Escapades Gift vouchers

Atelier Escapades Gift vouchers



Our gift vouchers:

If you know that you would like to give a loved one a Scottish handmade present, but would rather let them the final say, we have the present solution for you:
Treat them with a Gift voucher of the amount of your choice!
This will allow the recipient of the gift to choose what they want to buy, or what tartan or Scottish textile they’d like to wear!

How does that work?

Select the amount that you would like to give to the person you intend to spoil! Then check out like if you were buying any ther physical item.
We offer set amounts that hope will suit all budget, but if you’d like a different amount, please feel free to get in touch at atelier-escapades@gmail.com , and we’ll create it for you!
Our gift card will have an automatic duration of 1 year. But if the person messages us to extend it  because they have not made their choice yet (before it expires), we’ll happily add another year. 🙂

What happens next?

Once you have purchased your gift card, we will send your loved one a physicial gift card with a personalised coupon. Once they are ready to choose their gift, they will be able to enter their coupon during checkout, and have the amount deducted from their purchase!
If you’ve gifted less than the total amount of their basket, they will be offered different options to pay the outstanding balance.
If you’ve gifted more than the total amount of their basket, we will create a new coupon corresponding to this amount and send it to them for a future purchase of their choice.

Additional notes:

  • When you think about the amount you’d like to give, remember that during the purchase of the physical item, some shipping fees will be added. If you’d like to cover for them in advance so the person you are giving the card to does not have to pay for it, get in touch prior to your purchase to discuss it.
  • If you’d like to give a specific item, such as “a tartan skirt”, or “a tweed necklace”, or any other product of the shop, rather than “an amount”, please let us know. We’ll write the name of the product instead of the amount on the physical gift card, and invite the recipient to contact us via email to choose their tartan, and receive their product directly, without having to “make a purchase” on the website.

If you have any other question, get in touch at atelier-escapades@gmail.com, we’ll be happy to help!


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